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The DEERS/RAPIDS CAC Operator will provide customers service in a full range of Active Duty Military, Reserve Duty Military Duty and DOD Cilvilian Personnel Support activities. These services will be Pay and Personnel Support, Support Services Personnel and Command, and Personnel Transportation Support Services.
The DEERS/RAPIDS CAC Operator will account for, control, verify and issue military identification cards and CACs for Active duty military, National Guard and Reserve members, military retirees, family members/dependents, and other eligible recipients; control and issue identification tags and Geneva Convention cards to military members and deploying eligible recipients; register, process and maintain the DEERS information as part of a Verifying Official's responsibilities; Perform all ID Card and CAC issuance related tasks to include review, research, and verification of source documents, verifying eligibility, and discussing entitlements; issue memorandums of authorization for use of Commissary and Post Exchange to eligible customers; and perform routing operator maintenance on RAPIDS workstations and printers. Additional tasks/assignments may occur.
Must be a US Citizen
Obtain and maintain base access
Previous DEERS/RAPIDS CAC Operator experience
Favorable NACI Investigation
Previous military personnel support experience
Strong oral communication skills
Time management skills
Ability to comfortably interact in a military setting
Sedentary work -Occasionally exerting up to 10 pounds of force by lifting, carrying, pushing, pulling or otherwise moving objects. Work involves sitting most of the time; walking and standing are required only occasionally.
Sitting, Standing, Walking
Date: 2014-07-09
Country: US
State: HI
Postal Code: 96857
Job Type: Full-Time

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